The Childrens Home Association is an Equal Opportunity Employer (Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans).

Current Open Positions
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Job TitleDate PostedClassification
Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper1/8/2021Grade 11 Hourly
Assistant Coordinator- Supervised Independent Living Program1/11/2021Grade 14 Hourly
Behavior Intervention Aide12/7/2020Grade 13 Hourly
Behavior Management Specialist12/17/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Behavioral Health Therapist2/27/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Casework Supervisor- Intact Family Services10/9/2020Grade 16 BiWeekly
Child Welfare Specialist - Intact9/17/2019Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Child Welfare Specialist-Foster Care1/8/2019Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Crisis Therapist1/4/2021Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Family Service Worker- Intact Family Services9/8/2020Grade 11 Hourly
Family Support Worker-Good Beginnings Program11/12/2019Grade 11 Hourly
Good Beginnings Lead Family Support Specialist1/11/2021Grade 14 Bi-Weekly
Integrated Assessment Screener-Part Time9/23/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Intern - General ApplicationUnpaid Internship
Intern - Pre-Hospitalization Screener6/15/2017Unpaid Internship
Intern - QI12/14/2017Unpaid Internship
Intern - Tri-County Therapist6/15/2017Unpaid Internship
Intern- Foster Care Caseworker10/7/2020Unpaid Internship
Intern- Foster Care Therpaist1/20/2020Unpaid Internship
Intern- Residential Activity Intern7/24/2019Unpaid Internship
Kiefer School Therapist7/7/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Licensing Specialist10/20/2020Grade 13 Hourly
Nurse-LPN1/8/2021Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
On Call Substitute Teacher5/9/2019Grade 14 Hourly
One on One Student Aide - Kiefer/AFA (32.5 hours/week)9/17/2019Grade 11 Hourly
Overnight Worker (32 hr/wk)10/5/2020Grade 10 Hourly
Part Time Family Service Worker- Foster Care10/23/2020Grade 11 Hourly
Part Time Therapist- Tri County12/23/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Physical Education Teacher12/16/2019Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Recruiter12/28/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Resident Advisor II- Supervised Independent Living Program12/23/2020Grade 13 Hourly
Residential Counselor1/16/2020Grade 13 Hourly
School Based Therapist11/2/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Special Education Teacher- Kiefer School10/22/2019Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Special Education Teacher-Academy for Autism12/18/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Speech and Language Pathologist, Academy for Autism9/30/2019Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Teacher Assistant - Academy for Autism5/15/2019Grade 11 Hourly
Teacher Assistant - Kiefer School10/14/2020Grade 11 Hourly
Therapist-Foster Care2/21/2020Grade 15 Bi-Weekly