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Current Open Positions
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Job TitleDate PostedClassification
Board Certified Behavior Analyst7/17/2017Grade 17 Bi-Weekly
Casework Supervisor, Intact Family Services6/6/2017Grade 16 BiWeekly
Child Welfare Specialist, Foster Care7/5/2017Grade 14 Bi-Weekly
Child Welfare Specialist, Intact Family Services7/5/2017Grade 14 Bi-Weekly
Clinical Coordinator, Behavioral Health Services6/21/2017Grade 16 BiWeekly
Counselor, Intensive Placement Stabilization (IPS)6/1/2017Grade 13 Bi-Weekly
Crisis Therapist, Behavioral Health Services7/10/2017Grade 14 Bi-Weekly
Food Service Associate7/11/2017Grade 10 Hourly
Intern - Development6/9/2017
Intern - Family Based Intervention Therapist6/15/2017
Intern - Foster Care6/15/2017
Intern - Pre-Hospitalization Screener6/15/2017
Intern - Substance Abuse Counselor6/15/2017
Intern - Teen REACH6/22/2017
Intern - Tri-County Therapist6/15/2017
One on One Student Aide, Kiefer School (32.5 hr/week)4/10/2017Grade 11 Hourly
Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Good Beginnings7/4/2017Grade 13 Hourly
Overnight Worker, Weaver Cottage (32 hr/week)7/3/2017Grade 10 Hourly
Resident Advisor II, Transitional Living Program5/4/2017Grade 13 Hourly
Special Education Middle School Teacher, Academy for Autism6/21/2017Grade 14 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, Behavioral Health Services (SASS)4/18/2017Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, Enterprise Cottage6/29/2017Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, Foster Care6/19/2017Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, Intensive Placement Stabilization (IPS)6/1/2017Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, Kiefer School6/5/2017Grade 15 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, Parenting Group/Intact Facilitator6/16/2017Grade 14 Bi-Weekly
Therapist, School Based4/11/2017Grade 15 Bi-Weekly

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